19 JanStarting my journey…

Starting on with my website development journey! I decided to blog about web development experience and my upcoming sites.  After speaking with a bunch of SEO and website specialists, I realized that the best websites are the ones that are built with REAL content.

What do I mean?  This post is considered REAL content because I actually wrote it.  I have always thought that the best way to create a website is just like what they say on infomercials “Set it and Forget it!”.  Unfortunately for me the whole idea of setting and forgetting doesn’t work very well.  Google and all the newer search engines look for unique content that hasn’t been used before.  If it sees too much duplicate content, it decides that you aren’t very important to the search engine.  So instead of thinking of ways to cheat the system, I decided to just go with it.  I want to do it legit, aren’t you proud of me?

So why am I so interested in making a big website/blog?  I’m not going to lie, eventually I plan to place ads on this site from Adsense to gain some revenues.  Going along with the idea of setting and forgetting it, it is much easier to maintain a blog than going into work everyday.  My blog and websites will be able to gain revenue for me while I am sleeping or away from the computer.  As I continue on with my journey, I will tell you all about advertisement and the different methods used.

To tell you a little about myself, I already have a couple websites out there and most of them just syndicate data (get content and post it on my site).  They don’t receive many hits but they have LOTS of content.. So.. I guess content doesn’t mean a lot does it..  Apparently another very big factor of website development is getting link-backs into your site.  A link-back is when another site has a link to your site on it.  Of course the bigger the site that links to yours the better.  The whole idea of Page-Ranking from Google comes into play on how great a link-back is to your site.  I will be going over ALL of this later on.