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21 JanLAMP server setup CentOS 5 64-bit

So at about 1am this morning, Burst.Net finally got my server up and running for me to use.  Unfortunately for me, I was already sleeping and I had work today so I wasn’t able to actually play with it until tonight.  Like other VPS’s and dedicated servers out there, the server is usually bare boned with no software except the operating system.  For me I decided to use CentOS 5 64-bit edition to get my web server up and running.  Burst.NET had Apache 2 pre-installed on my VPS for me but that was pretty much about it.  So I had to scramble around and search for an easy way to install Mysql and PHP to go with my Linux Apache server.

After some searching, I realized that it is really easy because Linux CentOS 5 comes pre-bundled with Yum.  Yum is a feature that allows you to download and install software automatically.  It will determine all of the dependencies and take care of the rest.  I determined which packages I needed and sent off my command: Read more…