05 AugGoDaddy Windows VPS Price Change

I have been hosting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or as GoDaddy calls it Virtual Dedicated Server with GoDaddy for over 3 years and so far they have been great.  I never had any issues with the server going down and below are the specifications that my server had:

Processor: Intel Xeon 5148, 2.33GHZ (4 cores)
Ram: 512mb ram with no swap
Hard Drive: 10 GB (the OS takes up about 2GB)
OS: Windows 2003 Server
IP Addresses: 3 included

Price: $40/mo ( I opted in for the 10gb backup storage for $3 )

I have been able to find coupons time I need to renew to drop the monthly price down from $40 to $30.  The GoDaddy VPS comes with 3-ip addresses which is great.  I was able to run both IIS and Apache on the server at the same time.  It is the only VPS service that I know that offers 3-ip addresses bundled in the price.

I originally chose a Windows Server because it is much easier to configure and allowed me the flexibility to run both ASP/ASP.NET and PHP.  I also had a few ASP sites that I needed to get up and running quickly.  But for the past 3 years that I have been with GoDaddy the computers have not getting any better.  Despite the constantly dropping prices of hardware, I have not been getting a price cut or increased storage.  This in itself has made me a little unhappy about the service that they offer.

I just logged into the Godaddy the other day to check their prices and noticed that the Windows VPS has dropped in price to $30!  I was happy because they finally decided to make some changes.  I glanced at my bill but it was still $40…  I talked to a representative and was told in order to get the new price I would have to cancel my current VPS and create a completely new one…  I was appalled that after 3 years of service with them they would make me go through reconfiguring a whole new server just to get the price change.

I looked around for a while and decided to dump GoDaddy VPS since I would have to fully configure another VPS anyways it was a good time to move over to another provider.  I looked around for a while and decided to go with a Linux VPS.  My next post will be about the differences between a Windows VPS and a Linux VPS.

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