07 AugWindows vs Linux Web Server/VPS

After a couple years of managing both Windows and Linux servers, I will review some of the differences between the two different servers.  Both of them are very different and not one will fit for everyone.  I will explain the differences and it will be up to you to make the decision on the server to choose.

I have been running a Windows server for many years both at my own house and a Windows VPS with GoDaddy.  A Windows server is MUCH easier to manage, setup and get running.  Everything is fairly simple to do but simplicity does come with its downfalls.  Since everything can be done within a GUI (Graphical User Interface), it does limit the amount of things that can be done. Read more…

05 AugGoDaddy Windows VPS Price Change

I have been hosting a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or as GoDaddy calls it Virtual Dedicated Server with GoDaddy for over 3 years and so far they have been great.  I never had any issues with the server going down and below are the specifications that my server had:

Processor: Intel Xeon 5148, 2.33GHZ (4 cores)
Ram: 512mb ram with no swap
Hard Drive: 10 GB (the OS takes up about 2GB)
OS: Windows 2003 Server
IP Addresses: 3 included Read more…

23 FebUbuntu OpenVPN Access Server Setup

So today I am going to go a little off topic and look into OpenVPN Access Server.  It is really cool application that is free for two concurrent users and works great! I set it up on my own home server so that I am able to connect from it remotely.  You can also set this up on you web server allowing you to remotely connect in and it would be just as if your web server and your own computer were on the same machine.

So what is VPN for the people that don’t know what it is? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is a way to simulate computers connected directly together even if they are miles away.  It is able to do this by connecting the machines through a secured encrypted channel.  This way you can do things like access files remotely and securely.  This also allows you to perform actions just as if you were physically connected to the network like reconfiguring your wireless router, print, etc… Read more…